• Just a little pinprick

    Just it !

  • I just come to express some feelings

    One glass filled with bitterness

    I should be a guy who overflows happiness due all the experiences that I lived.

    I had a cancer, and I won against it, but I’ve became a bitter person instead a happy one.

    Many people showed pity about me, it’s the worst feeling for anyone get feel.

    When the time comes, it’s coming without even we want and notice it, and that’s enough.

    Yes, I AM a bitter person, I AM.

  • Where’s the true friendship?

    Maybe I’ve placed too much requirements to consider a true friendship. Requirements which neither myself can accomplish.

    Alright. I’m really not a good friend for anyone, and I do not hope anyone being to me.

    I even believe that true friendship can exist, however I’m not graced to this, and I don’t have any hope to get it.

    I think relationship, being whatever kind that it be, it’s just exchange of interest.

    For me, being a true friend means supporting each other even if there’s nothing to offer, just only your presence, whether it’s to cry, or to feel the hurts together, but this is not interesting for the vast majority of people.

    Me and my high requirements that even myself can’t accomplish.

  • Bitterness’ Tears

    Rio ao cair do sol

    This night, immersed in my lonelyness, feeling like crying, I’m not able to define why i feel like this, I just feel, and it’s so bitter.

    I wish too much fall sleep quickly, then spend time with this deeply nap for the whole night, in my wet pillow with tears.

    Sharing different songs, root songs from contryside, these songs which made me cry.

  • Living in this mess

    Sometimes, bad days come to us, bringing some hurts, dark thoughts, with no any lights in the end of the tunnel.

    In the middle of all these days, there might be some day that break the rule and surprise us, bringing a bit of good times.


    …in general, we feel like an aberration, someone who don’t belong this world.

    Well…the world doesn’t need to be kind with us, we know how it is, bitter, cruel, and we must keep going ahead, just it.

    As always I do, I bring a song, this time, a song from Post Modern Jukebox, feating the dearest Haley Heinhart, who I like too much. Enjoy with me.

  • Far from here today

    Today I was a little far from my diary posts and i missed it.

    I’m looking forward to the things that’s coming, and I hope all the stuff occur well.

    I need to control the anxiety, I’m such pretty anxious, but…

    …let it come at me. Always looking forward.

    Sharing a song which I like too much.

  • End of the day

    Today I’m a little excited to new challenges are going in my way. Let’s get up the head and face it.

    Tonight, laying in my bed, i chose some songs from Nightwish, a band which conquered me completely.

    Listen this playlist with me. I hope you being so amazed as i did.

  • Foolish

    Being just a fool guy who nobody wants to know.

    One more song to share for who wants to listen to with me, or not 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • A joke

    When we think that our life is becoming a truly joke, we feel so lonely that we just rather being alone all the time.

    I’m writing this down just because I want to share this song.

    Listen to this with me…

  • Walking Morning

    This morning, walking through the streets of the village that I live, many many bads thoughts 😞

    I don’t know how my health is, I’m really worried, but…

    … I’m keeping going…

    Today I bring one of the musics that i listened to this morning

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